State should raise minimum wage

To the editor:

The cost of living varies greatly from state to state, and that is why I believe the minimum wage debate is a state issue. In 2016 the minimum wage will be raised in 13 states and another 10 states have built in inflation clauses, which will incrementally increase the minimum wage automatically. Sadly, Indiana is not included in either group.

Since most businesses in Indiana already exceed the current minimum wage, increasing it will not have a detrimental effect on employment. On the positive side, increasing the minimum wage will increase state sales and income tax revenue while lowering state welfare expenses.

I call upon Gov. Pence, Sen. Long, Speaker Bosma and the rest of the Republican legislative majority to demonstrate they govern for all Hoosiers, and not just special-interest business groups, by raising the minimum wage in Indiana in the upcoming legislative session.

Shelton Oakes