Residents’ resolutions: Your plan for 2016

Angela Evans Greenfield

Age: 23

Resolution: To expand her diet, especially when it comes to incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her meals.

Plan for success: “… I try to drive to Trader Joe’s in Castleton to get some of the exotic fruits that are tougher to find.”

Zach Kissick Greenfield

Age: 22

Resolution: To get in shape

Plan for success: “I need to fight off the urge to be lazy. I’m gonna dedicate myself and try to get into the gym five or six days a week.”

Shawn Miller Greenfield

Age: 43

Resolution: To eat better and model healthy eating habits for his children, too. That starts with doing more cooking at home instead of eating out.

Plan for success: “I’m looking up healthy cookbooks to find the right recipes.”

Amanda Short Greenfield

Age: 36

Resolution: To cut back on social media use, which Short says tends to monopolize her time.

Plan for success: “I’m trying to deactivate my Facebook page.”

Kim Clark Greenfield

Age: 63

Resolution: To put more of a focus on full-body wellness: mind, body and spirit.

Plan for success: “I plan to read more and eat better as much as possible.”

Michael Gayle Greenfield

Age: 20

Resolution: To ramp up his fitness routine.

Plan for success: “I’m gonna get up and work out first thing in the mornings. I’m also trying to mix up my workout routine.”

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