Sound Off – December 19

– Don’t blame the holidays; you were fat in August.

– It has always been said that there are only two certainties: death and taxes. At least death doesn’t get worse every time the Hancock County Council meets.

– Check out the tree trimming work on County Road 100N, west of County Road 200W to the creek on the north side of the road. Not by an arborist but the work of the Hancock County Highway Department. No utility lines on that side of the road. Would you like this done to your trees?

– Welcome home for the holidays, Uncle Eddy.

– Why is there no signage to indicate that the far right eastbound lane where New Road ends at State Street? There is one white arrow on the pavement, which does no good if there is a car stopped on top of it or if there is snow on the road.

– Someone lost control of her car and took out five electric fence posts that keep our horses from wondering off. We are glad you are OK and not mad at you. However, because you did not have the courtesy to tell us about the accident, our horses could have escaped and caused serious injury to other drivers in the area. Think about it. Admit mistakes.

– With the heavy fog on a recent morning, I was amazed to see so many on the roads with no lights — cars, trucks and even school buses. If you have trouble seeing ahead because of fog, rain, snow or darkness, then people cannot see you. So turn your lights on. It’s the law, and it makes you visible and safe.

– Excellent article on elections by Jim Matthews. Politicians decry low voter turnout and general apathy but refuse to consider an open primary — the one sure fire way to spark renewed interest.

– Live by the jump shot, die by the jump shot.

– Regarding the story concerning how many low-income families were turned away from the preschool program due to lack of funding: How short-sighted of Gov. Pence to not pursue $80 million in federal funding; and how easily the story began by talking about preschool but ended by referencing day care needs. They are not one in the same.

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