Holiday gift ideas for sportsmen in your life

Christmas is upon us once more. If you’re like me, your tree is up and your stockings are hung, but you still have some last-minute shopping to accomplish. This week’s column is meant to help you out if you still have to buy for a sportsman on your list.

The excitement of giving Christmas gifts comes from finding something just right for that special person in your life. But if you don’t understand the hobbies of the person you’re shopping for, the task of finding these perfect gifts can be challenging. If that special person is a sportsman and you’re not, then you might be altogether lost. Don’t give up and buy your uncle another tin of popcorn.

This list offers you 10 fail-safe gift ideas any sportsman should appreciate.

Heavy-duty wool socks

We might not have liked receiving socks for Christmas when were kids, but now we know the gift of high-quality, heavy-duty, wool socks is a gift of comfort and warmth.We can use them ice fishing, hunting or shoveling the driveway.Magazine subscriptionsEven if they’re not a reader, your gift recipient surely will appreciate flipping through the pages of hunting and fishing magazines to look at pictures and browse advertisements.The gift keeps giving all year long and might provide information that leads to success on the water or in the field.


iaGo on eBay and search vintage fishing lures or antique arrowheads. If your sportsman is one of those people who already has it all, find something they surely don’t have but will undoubtedly appreciate the nostalgia of.Old equipment is cool and can spruce up any man cave.

Point-of-view camera

The GoPro craze has turned out many brands of small video cameras that can be attached to firearms, bows and fishing rods.Recording memorable scenes from their outdoor adventures will keep the memories alive for years to come.

Gift cards

I know, I know, they’re not personal and don’t speak to really understanding the person your giving to, but sportsmen love gift cards.Walking through a sporting goods store with money in your pocket you have to spend there is a great feeling.

Guided trips

A gift certificate for a guided fishing or hunting trip is sure to excite any sportsman. Play it right and you can along, too. Talk about a win-win.FlashlightsNo matter how many flashlights one has, a person can always use another. Flashlights have improved in quality in recent years, so you might be providing an upgrade.


A shipment of beef is sure to please most sportsmen. Slapping a few rib-eyes on the grill after fishing or hunting is a treat anyone would look forward to after their outdoor adventure.Chess setFishing and hunting takes strategy, but your sportsman can’t always be outdoors.

A good chess game can keep your wits sharp and prepare you for that back-and-forth match in the woods or on the water. It’s also a great game to play in camp, by a fire or lakeside.

From my family to yours, merry Christmas!

See you down the trail.

Brandon Butler

’s outdoors column appears on Saturdays in the Daily Reporter. Send comments to