Columnist amused by reader response

To the editor:

It is amazing how people can read the same item and take away from it totally opposite messages. Such was the case after I wrote an article on the problem of mislabeling someone a socialist (“Socialist a dirty word? Depends who you ask,” Nov. 10 A4).

A Rita McBride from Fortville wrote a response in a letter to the editor on Nov. 24. She clearly understood the message I tried to get across; that labeling people, in her words “serves to distract us from the real issues rather than help us define our problems and find workable solutions.”

Also responding to my article on the same date as McBride was Carolyn Flynn. I would like to thank Ms. Flynn. With her lumping together everyone who disagrees with her far-right philosophy as “socialists/progressives/liberals/fascists/Democrats/communists,” she proves my point far better than any example I could think to manufacture.

Michael Adkins