Real Estate – December 2

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 1

Floyd D. Vanagriff to Jason W. Siefferman, 2113 E. Bomar Blvd., Brandywine Township, $150,000.

Curtiss D. Jr. and Erin A. Agner to Bradley A. and Wendy L. Ehle, 3288 W. Sunset Drive, Buck Creek Township, $168,000.

Robert and Janette Messer to J J & K Properties LLC, 7375 W. County Road 200N, Buck Creek Township, $65,500.

Everette P. and Doylie M. Joyce to Jon E. Smith Revocable Trust, 118 W. Cottonwood Drive, Center Township, $64,000.

Deanna Wesley to Lauren S. and Nadia S. Kruger, 1558 Bayberry Drive, Greenfield, $141,000.

John P. Thurber II to Lonna Massie, 306-308 S. State St., Greenfield, $75,000.

Amanda Shepler to Timothy P. and Edie J. Horan, 1567 S. Jeanne Court, Sugar Creek Township, $450,000.

Sept. 2

Roberta Vance and Theresa L. Stamper to Gwyn R. Stevens-Rosales, 6659 E. County Road 300S, Blue River Township, $139,000.

Sheriff Mike Shepherd to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 5452 S. Greenfield St., Brandywine Township, $70,219.76.

Sheriff Mike Shepherd to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 2484 S. Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, $105,840.

Larry D. and Carolyn A. Kreuger to Melissa M. Sheable, 6636 W. Jefferson Court, Buck Creek Township, $143,500.

Sheriff Mike Shepherd to Bank of America NA, 6778 W. Littleton Drive, Buck Creek Township, $270,831.80.

Brian K. and Catherine A. Evans to Dakota M. Lilly, 2977 N. County Road 100W, Center Township, $127,500.

Jane B., Robert C. and Eric L. Shue to Herman Jr. and Nancy C. West, 1592 Fairfield Drive, Greenfield, $137,500.

Villas at Timber Run LLC to Lynette M. O’Brien, 1150 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $226,115.

Gwyn R. Stevens-Rosales to David E. Knose Jr., 1608 Blue Road, Greenfield, $80,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Random Properties Acquisition Corp. III, 980 Page Ct. Greenfield, $139,828.

Robin L. and Thomas A. Bowden to Matthew S. Melton, 410 W. McKenzie Road, Greenfield, $109,000.