Marriage Licenses – December 2

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Oct. 9

Emilie J. Jennings, McCordsville, to John D. Burney, McCordsville.

Steven L. Wheeler, Greenfield, to Jessica L. Wade, Greenfield.

Julie E. Moore, Greenfield, to Ben W. Hobbs, Greenfield.

Tyler S. Goodwin, Greenfield, to Lindsey G. Jessie, Greenfield.

Jessica M. Mack, Greenfield, to Justin M. Berisford, Greenfield.

Charlie R. Derrick, Greenfield, to Heath A. Null, Arlington.

William M. Smith, Greenfield, to Marsha C. Brisson, Greenfield.

Oct. 12

Shannon N. Mattox, Fortville, to Kimberly A. Mahin, Fortville.

Jordan E. Boggs, Warsaw, to Tierney R. Edon, Greenfield.

Angela N. Garriott, New Palestine, to Philip S. Matteson, New Palestine.

Oct. 13

Amanda Fox, Greenfield, to James C. Knotts, Anderson.

Charles D. Miller III, Fortville, to Abby C. Heffelmire, Fortville.

Samantha J. Frazier, Greenfield, to Paul M. Galbraith, Greenfield.

Oct. 14

Elizabeth S. Martz, Muncie, to Jon R. Andis, Greenfield.

Brad M. Quakenbush, Greenfield, to Tracey L. Pope, Greenfield.

Ashley K. Stultz, Fortville, to Paul D. Martin, Fortville.

Oct. 16

Lauren M. Vanemon, McCordsville, to Jack R. Parker, McCordsville.

Christopher B. Fleck, Indianapolis, to Nelia R. Raine, Indianapolis.

Ty B. Palmer, McCordsville, to Donah R. Stringer, Osgood.

Oct. 21

Jerry F. Jones, Greenfield, to Carolyn S. Wray, Indianapolis.

Justin Kier, Fortville, to Kristi Alexander, Fortville.

Oct. 22

Keith B. Butts, Greenfield, to Joni M. Pappas, Plainfield.

Stephanie Cline, Greenfield, to Tyler Hercamp, Greenfield.

Amy J. Snyder, Greenfield, to Billy J. Rasnick, Greenfield.

Oct. 23

David E. Evans, Greenfield, to Angela M. Evans, Greenfield.

Stephen A. Krause, McCordsville, to Kristina R. Thomas, McCordsville.

Oct. 28

Tonya Krompass, Indianapolis, to Ryan Sweany, Greenfield.

Oct. 29

Lewis F. Steele, Greenfield, to Sharon K. Vanhorn, Greenfield.

Breanne Fite, Van Buren, to Andrew Rafert, Fortville.

Danielle E. Irby, Greenfield, to Zachary C. Maynard, Greenfield.

Laura D. Foulks, Greenfield, to Michael D. Root, Greenfield.

Oct. 30

Wade A. Silvers, New Castle, to Jennifer J. Goodwin, New Palestine.