Marriage Licenses – December 1

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Sept. 10

Jessica Vadas, Indianapolis, to Kevin R. Lewellyn, New Palestine.

Eric M. Wicker, Greenfield, to Amanda J. Cooper, Greenfield.

Robert P. Haberman, Greenfield, to Jade A. Lee, Greenfield.

Andrew J. Hanson, Fountaintown, to Heather L. Bever, Fountaintown.

Sept. 11

Scott A. Blanton, Fortville, to Michelle A. Downs, Indianapolis.

Courtney M. Merz, New Palestine, to Zed Z. Hott, New Palestine.

James P. Meadows, Greenfield, to Meghan E. Parrott, Greenfield.

John G. Gregory, Greenfield, to Lesa J. Davidson, Greenfield.

Suzanne M. Dowden, McCordsville, to Kara M. Longoria, McCordsville.

Amy L. Hensley, Greenfield, to Robert W. Knopp Jr., Greenfield.

Sept. 14

Jonathan J. Sorg, Old Hickory, Tennessee, to Jenna N. Arnold, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ariel E. Morelock, McCordsville, to Broderic C. Schoen, McCordsville.

Sept. 15

Amanda C. Craig, Fountaintown, to Brandon G. Anderson, Fountaintown.

Mario L. Zamora, McCordsville, to Katherine A. Galvin, McCordsville.

Lindsey N. Milburn, Greenfield, to Michael Smalley, Greenfield.

Asa M. Loring, Greenfield, to Haile R. Burris, Fountaintown.

Sept. 16

Andrew U. Branson, Fortville, to Danielle Wickliff, Fortville.

Scott M. Kiester, Greenfield, to Morgan E. Riley, Greenfield.

Jerry L. Roseberry, Greenfield, to John F. Cary, Greenfield.

Jessica Ahrendts, New Palestine, to Christopher Newberry, Hampton, Virginia.

Sept. 17

James M. Michalisko, Greenfield, to Shila A. Bonin, Greenfield.

Andrea N. Silverman, Markleville, to Cody M. Polk, Greenfield.

Richard A. Watson, Indianapolis, to Megan M. Johnson, Greenfield.

Jessica M. Sweeny, Fortville, to John R. Alexander, Leesburg, Virginia.

Sept. 18

Seslie M. Smith, Greenfield, to Lisa M. Lanning, Greenfield.

Andrew L. Hertenstein, McCordsville, to Brittany N. Jamerson, McCordsville.

Andrea J. Kernodle, McCordsville, to Ryan R. McCauley, McCordsville.

Holly F. Reynolds, McCordsville, to Joshua W. Plank, McCordsville.

Brian K. Evans, Greenfield, to Angela J. Mayer, Greenfield.

Sept. 21

Alexander M. Filson, Greenfield, to Kimberly A. Goodpaster, Greenfield.

Marc A. Wallace, Greenfield, to Stacy L. Brock, Greenfield.

Joshua H. Feltner, Greenfield, to Jordan K. Corn, Greenfield.

Sept. 23

Richard A. Kleiman, New Palestine, to Connie R. Michael, Greenfield.

Robert N. Shegog, McCordsville, to Leslie S. Williams, Indianapolis.

Sept. 24

Amanda Coleman, Greenfield, to Ryan Tumey, Greenfield.

Stephen C. Menser, Greenfield, to Jennifer R. Hoffman, Greenfield.

Kayla J. Landers, Greenfield, to William C. Butler, Greenfield.

Michael P. Rooney, Lafayette, Louisiana, to Lindsay R. Gregory, Greenfield.

Sept. 25

Robert D. North Jr., Greenfield, to Diana L. Cavaletto, Greenfield.

Timothy W. Vaughn, Indianapolis, to Brittany N. McCree, Greenfield.

Thomas R. Holland, Greenfield, to Jane M. Goddard, Greenfield.

Shannon M. Schmidt, Greenfield, to David C. Keithley, Greenfield.

Joshua W. Hermsdorfer, Fortville, to Candice M. Ross, Greenfield.

Sept. 28

Kelly K. Cawein, Greenfield, to Tawni B. Miller, Greenfield.

Autumn R. Reisert, Connersville, to Jason D. Richardson, Greenfield.

Susanne Baker, Wilkinson, to Lawrence V. Molnar, Wilkinson.

Adrienne D. Birch, Greenfield, to Joshua W. Bennett, Greenfield.

Sept. 29

Aidan W. Robinson, Greenfield, to Hilary M. Robles, Greenfield.

Sept. 30

Myron A. Rahn III, McCordsville, to Kristina J. Martin, Greenfield.