Daily Reporter staff reports

MT. VERNON — Some Mt. Vernon High School students recently received a dream assignment: develop an arcade game and convert it into an interactive computer program.

The project was one of several Mt. Vernon teachers are using to implement technology into the classroom, now that every student has been issued a take-home laptop.

The students in the Introduction to Computer Science class were instructed to create a cardboard arcade game and interface it with computer programs that score and interact with the player. The students were able to utilize their individual Google Chromebooks for this project.

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But that wasn’t the end of the assignment. The arcade inventors will meet some young (mock) investors from the Entrepreneurship Class and simulate the popular “Shark Tank” television show. The “Sharks” in the Entrepreneurship Class used their Google Chromebooks to make real time value estimations for their offers and keep track of relevant questions regarding marketing, sales and development.

“Integrating students into the innovation of technology is a key example of the quality academic excellence Mt. Vernon High School provides,” Mt. Vernon High School Principal Bernie Campbell said. “The students use their creativity developing a game that is relevant to them, and acquire the technology skills to make it practical. The real life simulation of soliciting a product to a group of buyers will be a valuable experience these students won’t forget.”