Sound Off – November 14

– The State Board of Education, loaded with Gov. Mike Pence appointees, just approved $40 million in loans for charter schools. Many legislators are concerned about their ability to repay those loans. In contrast, the Distressed Unit Appeals Board — also loaded with Gov. Pence appointees — was created more than three years ago to provide low-interest loans to public schools from the state’s rainy day funds and has yet to lend $1 to any public school. I guess that clearly demonstrates the priorities of Gov. Pence and his minions.

If you don’t know Mayor Chuck Fewell, get to know him. He is devoted to his job and to serving the citizens of Greenfield. He is a kind and caring person.

– The biggest problem with the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign is the largest retailer in the county won’t allow them to be in their indoor vestibule when it is raining. No one wants to stand in a cold rain for two hours.

– I would like to commend the Hancock County highway crew that repaired the drainage ditch on County 500 East. Great job. Very professional.

– I don’t remember the cartoon in the Sept. 10 Daily Reporter that someone complained about, but I have never seen a political cartoon that I believe shouldn’t have been published. The more controversy, the better.

– I pity the fool who has to debate Hilary Clinton next year.

– All of a sudden there is concern about how much money the Fortville Town Council has wasted on a failed annexation attempt. Where was this concern over a year ago?

– Marc Huber and Brad Armstrong, you’re fooling yourself if you think the 1 percent increase in the food and beverage tax will be strictly used for the fairgrounds if approved. Once approved, the Hancock County Council controls how it is appropriated. This tax will be with us forever.

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