Voter fraud threatens integrity of elections

Fewer than one in three registered Hoosiers bothered to vote in last year’s election even though the primary involves one of the most important decisions, the choice of who should run this country.

You wouldn’t let just anyone run your business or home. Too much is at stake in 2016 to be indifferent, and making sure elections are honest and free from voter fraud has to be one of the main concerns of citizens.

Voter fraud is prevalent and can’t be ignored any longer. It’s real and has come to light through an organization known as “ACORN.” Founded in 1970 as a community-based organization that advocates for low- and moderate-income families, ACORN was being investigated as early as 1986 by the United States Government for massive irregularities in voter registration.

In February 2005, they hired about 30 workers to do voter registration canvassing. Instead of knocking on doors, the volunteers sat at a St. Louis fast food restaurant and wrote out names and information from an outdated voter list. About 1,500 fraudulent voter registration cards were turned in by ACORN volunteers.

In November 2006, 20,000 to 35,000 questionable voter registration forms were turned in by ACORN officials in Missouri. These ACORN workers weren’t just told to register new voters but to tell registrants to vote for Democrats.

In 2008, the Obama campaign donated $800,000 to an ACORN affiliate. That year alone, ACORN registered 1,315,037 voters.

Some states have enacted citizenship qualifications and have asked the federal government to amend the federal form that currently does not require any proof of citizenship beyond self-reporting. This request was denied by the Obama justice department.

On Aug. 5, 2005, a non-citizen applied for an Illinois driver’s license, which is legal, but also was given at that time a voter registration application. All she had to do was check the appropriate box, which is the only verification requirement required with the federal form. No other proof of citizenship or ID is required.

My question is why was a voter registration form even made available to her at this time? The president’s executive action to protect some five million illegal immigrants from deportation also provides them access to Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses. These are the same documents that federal law requires the states to recognize as valid forms of identification for voter registration.

There are three states, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, in which ballots are mailed automatically to every registered voter in advance of Election Day. It doesn’t matter if the voter is dead, as long as his name is on the voter roll. In Colorado, so-called “ballot collectors” are to go door to door and collect up to 10 ballots.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) in August of 2015 put 141 counties on notice across the United States that they have more registered voters than people alive.

PILF has sent these notice letters to county election officials in 21 states. States with counties which received a notice letter are: Michigan (24 counties), Kentucky (18 counties), Illinois (17 counties), Indiana (11 counties), Alabama (10 counties), Colorado (10 counties), Texas (nine counties), Nebraska (seven counties), New Mexico (five counties), South Dakota (five counties), Kansas (four counties), Mississippi (4 counties), Louisiana (3 counties), West Virginia (three counties), Georgia (two counties), Iowa (two counties), Montana (two counties), North Carolina (two counties), Arizona, Missouri, New York (one county each).

Illinois has the three-highest counties in violation of voter fraud in the country.

Indiana’s 11 counties listed in order from top to bottom are: Crawford, Scott, Franklin, Brown, Tipton, Union, Orange, Dearborn, Newton, Warrick and Clark.

The federal voter registration form has zero safeguards. The Department of Justice ignores the legal responsibility to maintain accurate rolls. Since coming into office in 2008, Obama’s department of justice has not filed a single case to force voter roll clean-up.

Getting new federal regulations in place to combat voter fraud is essential to our democracy. The Obama Justice Department along with the Supreme Court recently denied the request by the states of Arizona and Kansas to amend the present federal form and to block aliens from voting.

When our own government cannot see that we have a problem, and the Supreme Court denies the states its right to eliminate issues of voter fraud, we have a major threat of our liberties as contained in our Constitution.

When those who corrupt our nation are not held accountable, we need to say, “Enough is enough!” Get this straightened out, Congress. Time to clean house for those who can’t get the will of the people done.

Martha Vail of Charlottesville is a member of the Hancock County Tea Party. She can be reached at