Real Estate – November 4

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 17

Craig O. and Jessie L. Rood to Justin L. and Stephanie T. Padgett, E. County Road 650N, Brown Township, $60,000.

Christopher D. and Monica M. Duncan to Judith A. Shoppelle, 3165 Tulip Tree Court, Buck Creek Township, $255,000.

Westport Homes Inc. to Daniel W. and Shelly L. Moline, 6415 W. Waters Edge Court, Buck Creek Township, $220,480.

RWA Properties LLC to Richard and Linda Tobler, 431 Lullaby Blvd., Greenfield, $114,000.

Trudy L. Wright to Cynthia S. Smith and Brandy N. Bell, 511 S. Mount St., Greenfield, $86,900.

Kyle C. Petry to Ryan H. Seybold, 320 N. County Road 600E, Jackson Township, $106,500.

Amanda A. Thoman to Scott S. Thoman, 3921 W. County Road 300S, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Arbor Homes LLC to Aldon J. and Brandon S. Johnson, 560 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $159,715.

Karen Banks to Freo Indiana LLC, 8804 N. White Tail Trail, McCordsville, $154,000.

Aug. 18

Sean P. and Ellen C. Rasor to Albert J. Rodgers III, 2521 S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $162,000.

Robert T. and Mary B. Smith to Lillie M. Harwood, 6023 E. County Road 650 N, Brown Township, $80,000.

James A. Miller to Citizens State Bank, 103 S. White St., Shirley, $15,239.89.

Geraldine B. and Gerald D. Born to Lori J. and Robert E. McAvene, 3366 W. Sunset Drive South, Buck Creek Township, $145,000.

Group III Management Inc. to Matthew A. English, 3771 Lakewood Drive, Center Township, $218,600.

Ronald N. and Jean Ralston to Scott M. Keister, 810 E. County Road 400N, Center Township, $111,500.

Estate of Ronald J. White to Joyce Alford and Roger J. White, 1836 W. County Road 100N, Center Township, exempt.

Estate of Marjorie Brooks to Gary L. and Carol A. Pence, 460 N. Meridian Road, Center Township, $82,000.

Steven R. and Charlene K. Swalls to John C. and Janice L. Swardson, 1168 Redwood Drive, Greenfield, $134,310.

Joyann K. Boudreau to Rebecca R. Chestoskey, 301 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $89,000.

Brayden and Abbey Evans to Amanda A. Phegley, 686 Center St., Greenfield, $124,900.

Donald R. and Lori L. Thompson to Paul M. and Autumn S. Walker, 1286 Lemon Grass Court, Greenfield, $155,000.

Marilyn R. Jones to Velo Indy Properties, 942 Walnut St., Greenfield, $43,500.

Centennial Commons LLC to Katie English, et al., 4919 Congress Cove, Sugar Creek Township, $225,278.39.

Brad Wilson to Chad M. and Kathleen L. Molinder, 4561 S. Brooklawn Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $235,000.

Winding Oaks LLC to Jason and Alicia Hayes, 2186 S. Winding Oaks Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $82,000.

Green Creek Realty LLC to Centennial Commons LLC, 1902 S. Centennial Ave., Sugar Creek Township, $32,000.

Green Creek Realty LLC to Centennial Commons LLC, 1894 S. Centennial Ave., Sugar Creek Township, $32,000.

Centennial Commons LLC to Kathryn Ruster, 4948 Congress Cove, Sugar Creek Township, $237,790.

Dennis L. Fry to Jose and Elizabeth Navarro, N. County Road 200W, Vernon Township, $42,500.

Aug. 19

Pyatt Builders LLC to Jana M. Whitesell, 4382 W. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $184,858.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Sacksteder Properties LLC, 710 Lighthouse Drive, Fortville, $88,000.

Eddie J. and Janice L. Roberts to Ryan P. and Kimberly L. Brashears, 10212 N. Nashville Road, Brown Township, $155,000.

Joan Anderson to Dolores A. Wilson, 1243 Lexington Trail, Greenfield, $149,900.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Harry W. Ruddell Jr., 471 Ashley Drive, Greenfield, $99,900.

Evan C. and Allison R. Bussel to Staci Funkhouser, 115 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $135,900.

Robert J. and Laura J. Schnecker to Sara I. and Adam Strickland, 146 Shepherd Court, Greenfield, $228,000.

Aug. 20

Rudolph S. Rennick to Philip S. Keister, 6334 N. County Road 600E, Green Township, $180,000.

Rudolph S. Rennick to Philip S. Keister, North County Road 600E, Green Township, included in above sale.

David M. Wilkes to Michael and Joyce Jacobs, 2685 S. Wollenweber Road, Sugar Creek Township, $138,000.