Arrests – October 27

Charging information is obtained from the Hancock County Jail. If you have questions about a charge listed here, call the sheriff’s department at 317-477-1147.


Ashley Hazelwood, 27, Indianapolis, jailed Friday morning, faces a charge of domestic battery.

Luke E. Allee, 18, Greenfield, jailed Friday afternoon, faces a charge of failure to appear.

Austin Gough, 20, Fountaintown, jailed Friday afternoon, faces charges of sexual battery.

Matthew Schutt, 43, Greenfield, jailed Friday evening, faces a charge of contempt of court.

Jason D. Nicholson, 42, Greenfield, jailed Friday evening, faces a probation violation.


Jane Herbst, 58, Greenfield, jailed early Sunday, faces a charge of operating while intoxicated with previous convictions.

Chera L. Bravard, 38, Indianapolis, jailed early Sunday, faces a charge of resisting law enforcement and a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Cordero Nettles, 28, Whitestown, jailed Sunday morning, faces charges of reckless driving operating while intoxicated.


Rickey A. Whitaker, 32, Wilkinson, jailed early Monday, faces charges of domestic battery and strangulation.