Sound Off – October 24

Where can a person find a competent and honest mechanic in Greenfield? I recently had some minor brake work done at a muffler and brake shop. The price kept going up and up and up again until I finally said no more. It was a day I will be trying to forget for some time yet to come.

•Why is it that Greenfield-Central High School has a new building, but the neighbors have to hear the constant beat of drums every day morning through night? Why can’t they practice the drums in their nice, big new school so the neighbors can have peace?

•I was really disappointed with the Reporter for printing the cartoon on the editorial page Sept. 10. Maybe Kim Davis needs some kind of justice, too. Religious freedom is also at stake here.

•When did it become appropriate for Hancock County councilmen to call taxpayers “naysayers” just because taxpaying citizens disagree with them?

•Indianapolis Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson needs to lose his job. Coach Chuck Pagano has led a team to 33 wins in his three years here with mediocre talent. Yet, Pagano’s job is the one on the line?

•Nothing like Democratic lawmakers to motivate a Republican governor. Love it. Spend some of our money; you’re gone anyhow, ex-Gov. Pence.

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