McCORDSDVILLE — George Kramer was a big fan of “The Dresden Files,” a Netflix series about a Chicago-based wizard working as a private investigator. Once the show was canceled, Kramer picked up the books, authored by Jim Butcher, and began reading his way through the dozen or so volumes of the series.

After the sixth book, he came to a conclusion. I can do this.

That was the start of the McCordsville resident’s venture into sci-fi writing, which would culminate in his penning five books in two years. But first, he just needed an idea.

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That idea came to him during a visit to the home of his sister, Sharon. She was painting the interior of her house, using a variety of shades, and took a break from her home improvement project to teach Kramer a little something about color.

“I learned about colors, specifically primary and secondary colors,” Kramer said, and that became the basis of his Arcadis science fiction series.

In the first book, “Arcadis: Prophecy,” Kramer created a sorcerer world where society is divided by levels of power denoted by color. Things go smoothly as long as the citizens follow the law, marrying only within their own color. But along comes Lord Quill, who abolishes this decree. A dilution occurs as the primary colors begin inter-marrying — and procreating. Suddenly orange, green and purple are part of the societal color scheme. A power struggle ensues in this society now divided into primary and secondary colors and classes.

Kramer wrote the first book in the series in 2014. Since then, he has written three more volumes: “Arcadis: War,” “Arcadis: Decimation” and “Arcadis: Emperor of All, Emperor of None.” His fifth book, “Arcadis: Convergence” is finished and will soon be sent to his editor.

His initial novel was published as an eBook and then in hard copy through Amazon’s CreateSpace publishing and printing service. Kramer, who works as a patient care technician at St. Vincent Hospital, took his books to work and sold them there. They sold out almost as fast as he could bring he bring them in, he said.

Kramer’s books are also available on Amazon. They have received nothing but 4- and 5-star reviews from readers on the Amazon website. His fans say they love the fast-paced action, and several commented that his cliffhanger endings only leave them wanting to read the next installment.

“It appeals to kids and adults,” Kramer said. “I’ve gotten fan letters saying they can’t put it down once they start.”

Kramer, who was born in Brooklyn, ties his sci-fi series to his adopted town of McCordsville. Arcadis, the hero of the story, runs an antique store in the town. Kramer cites a grassy area near the PNC Bank on Broadway as the location of Arcadis’ fictional shop.

The novels, written in first-person, incorporate Kramer’s sense of humor into the dialogue.

It’s a labor of love, writing the books, and Kramer says he doesn’t see the series ending any time soon.

“I have a growing fan base,” Kramer said, “I don’t really want it to end.”

Kramer’s books also are available locally at Hometown Comics, 1506 N. State St., Greenfield. He’s had several book signings there as well as at the White Rabbit in Muncie, the Brownsburg Public Library and Appleseed Comic Con in Fort Wayne. Kramer returns to Hometown Comics on Dec. 12 to sign copies of his fourth book, “Arcadis: Emperor of All, Emperor of None.”

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