Contest winners at Riley Festival

Daily Reporter staff reports

GREENFIELD — Several local residents were honored or received prizes during the Riley Festival in Greenfield earlier this month.

James Whitcomb Riley Festival Association Educational Arts Partnership grant recipients:

Sarah Beck, Greenfield Central Junior High School, strings class

Steve Bryant, Greenfield-Central High School, encaustic quilt

Jeff Weiland, Greenfield-Central High School, digital design software

Jeannie Ellenberger, St. Michael School, Musical Minds

John Reifel, Fortville Elementary School, Painting a Brighter Tomorrow

Poetry winners

Grades 6 through 8: First, Zachary Martin; Second, Abby Rejer; Third, Dawson Eastes; First Honorable Mention, Jake Spiegel; Second Honorable Mention, Grace Lorsung; Third Honorable Mention, Josie Hockett

High School/Adult: First, Natalie Hoefer; Second, Karen Schwartz; Third, Barbara Dillahay; First Honorable Mention, Allante’ Pettit; Second Honorable Mention, Ricardo Gutierrez; Third Honorable Mention, Kenneth B. Arnett

Poets At The Podium winners

First, Deborah Musick, Alexendria

Second, Natalie Hoefer, Indianapolis

Third, Barbara Dillahay, Greenfield

Pumpkin Decorating Contest winners

Preschool: First, Elijah Davis; Second, Ellie Steinwachs

Kindergarten: First, Ethan Steinwachs

First grade: First, Brenden Sturgill; Second, Lucy Castner

Second grade: First, Miley Davis; Second, Loretta Sexton

Third grade: First, Jake Oakley; Second, Carmen Gonzalez

Fourth grade: First, Ethan Davis

Fifth grade: First, Brooklyn Longston; Second, Gracie Castner

Grand prize elementary: Nicklas Vandermeuler

Middle School (Grades 6 through 8): First, Victoria Titus; Second, Drew Oakley

High School (Grades 9 through 12): First, Karlee Gray; Second, Collin Gray

Adult: First, Diana Davis; Second, Jonnie Guzman

Fine arts winners

Children I

Water Color: First, Claire Kishego

Oil/Acrylic: First, Sonja Jahrsdoefer; Second, Claire Kishego, Third, Arjomand Khokhar; Honorable Mention, Hayden Taylor

Pastel/Charcoal: First, Arjomand Khokhar

Ink/Pencil: First, Claire Kishego; Second, Molly Kishego; Third, Arjomand Khokhar

Graphics: First, Claire Kishego, Second, Molly Kishego

Children II

Water Color: First, Arielle Lucas; Second, Arielle Lucas

Oil/Acrylic: First, Alex Jahrsdoefer; Second, Reghan Dowden; Third, Arielle Lucas

Ink/Pencil: First, Dillon Imel; Second, Coy Walden; Third, Coy Walden; Honorable Mention, Allison Lowe and Emma Dickerson


Water Color: First, Kaitelyn Happel; Second, Rachel Mitchell; Third, Soleil Decher-Marley

Oil/Acrylic: First, Sarah Robinson; Second, Kimberly Miles; Third, Stacy Hodges

Pastel/charcoal: First, Stachy Hodges; Second, Emily Sego; Third, Kelsey Kelly

Ink/Pencil: First, Rebecca Harris; Second, Alexis Hicks; Third, Jessica Jonas

Beginning Adult

Oil/Acrylic: First, Brenda Jackson; Second, Jennifer Taylor; Third, Brenda Jackson; Honorable Mention, Adrian Hubbard, Ronda Jeske, Debra Crawford, Phyllis Addison and Tina Williams

Ink/Pencil: First, Second and Third, Dianna Caudle

Advanced Adult

Water Color: First, Second and Third, Louise Meals; Honorable Mention, James Jahrsdoefer and Susie Gammon

Oil/Acrylic: First and Second, Alberta Chiam

Ink/Pencil: First, Second and Third, Becky Jo Fields


Water Color: First, Second and Third, Rebekah Arvin

Oil/Acrylic: First, Second and Third, Sandy Hall

Ink/Pencil: First and Second, Kristin Moger

Acton Family Award: Bryce Silvers

Best Illustration: Senior, Sandy Hall; Junior, Dillon Imel

Mayor’s Choice: Rebekah Arvin

Home Arts and Quilt Show winners

Food preparation champions

Bread: Deborah Green, Fortville

Cookies: Brigitte Raven, Greenfield

Cakes: Linda Parks, Willow Branch

Grand Champion: Deborah Green (parmesan herb bread)

Food preservation champions

Jelly: Judy Brewer, Indianapolis

Jam/Preserves: Judy Brewer, Indianapolis

Pickles: Linda Parks, Willow Branch

Relishes: Judy Brewer, Indianapolis

Canning: Susan Dunn, McCordsville

Grand Champion: Linda Parks (dill pickles)

Creative crafts champions

Painting: Ed Veenhuizen, Greenfield

Dolls and Toys: Joannie Brown, Greenfield

Wood, Baskets, Leather: Phil Keppel, Greenfield

Paper Crafts: Abby Anderson, McCordsville

Jewelry Making: Joannie Bowen, Greenfield

Fabric Crafts: Pamela Mick, Greenfield

Recycling: Bailey Anderson, McCordsville

Christmas: Kathy Larson, Greenfield

Other: Sandy Hall, Greenfield

Grand Champion: Phil Keppel, Greenfield (Walnut Pennsylvania Spice Box)

Needle Crafts champions

Knitting: Betty Richardson, Greenfield

Crocheting: Donna Brown, Greenfield

Stitchery: Marian Estes, Greenfield

Sewing: Deborah Green, Fortville

Miscellaneous: Sandy Hall, Greenfield

Grand Champion: Marian Estes, Greenfield (counted cross stitch, “Angel of Love”)

Quilts, Hand Quilted

Champion (Bedsize 54×90 or larger): Lynda Curtis, Greenfield

Champion (Smaller than 54×90): Mary McNorton, Greenfield

Grand Champion: Lynda Curtis Greenfield, (“Way Beyond Baltimore”)

Quilts, Machine

Champion, Bed Size: Sharon Koepper, Indianapolis

Champion, Smaller Size: Lynda Curtis, Greenfield

Grand Champion: Lynda Curtis, Greenfield

Best of Quilt Show, sponsored by Hancock County Extension Homemakers: Lynda Curtis, Greenfield (Bed size appliquéd, “Way Beyond Baltimore”)

Viewers’ Choice Award, sponsored by Sarah E. Kesterson: Marian Estes, Greenfield

Past Chairman’s Award, Sponsored by Sarah E. Kesterson: Phil Keppel, Greenfield

Photography Contest winners

Sweepstakes — Color

Adult: Bethany Mickler, Greenfield

Intermediate (ages 13-17): Kayleigh Rozzi, Indianapolis, Grade 11

Children (ages 12 and under): Addison Hill, Greenfield, Grade 7

Sweepstakes — Black and White, Toned/Sepia

Adult: Audrey Sleeth, Wilkinson

Intermediate: Stacey Hodges, Anderson, Grade 12

Children: Addison Hill, Greenfield, Grade 7

Best of Show — Color

Adult: Bethany Mickler, Category Nature

Best of show — Black and White

Intermediate: Stacey Hodges, Category Animals

Professional Division: Chris Williams, Cumberland

Sponsor Award, Greenfield Daily Reporter: Sylvia Warren, Indianapolis

President’s Award: Keri Brennan, Indianapolis

Mayor’s Award: Bailey Allen, Greenfield, Grade 10

Viewers’ Choice: Brad Brown, New Palestine

Phillip R. Hollenbaugh Memorial Award, Contest Theme, Water: Addison Hill, Greenfield, Grade 7

Ameriana Bank Parade winners


First, Greenfield Church of God

Second, Girl Scout Troop 924 and 624

Third, Cub Pack 293


First, Bentley’s Buddies & Friends


First, American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Second, Lark Ranch

Old Fiddler’s Contest winners

Ages 10 and younger

First, Ella Neill, Greenfield

Second, Sarah Rose Paul, Greenfield

Third, Danielle Taylor, Greenfield

Ages 11-17

First, Kurt Watkins, Indianapolis

Second, Katie Gunn, Greenfield

Ages 18 and older

First, Jessica Wesley, Selma