Slow going: Officials urge cautioun when sharing road with farm equipment

Officials: Use caution when sharing road

HANCOCK COUNTY — It’s harvest season, which every year leads to frustrated drivers stuck behind slow-moving farm equipment.

Law enforcement officials are encouraging motorists to keep an eye out for farmers and be patient when they have to share the road with them.

Farmers sometimes need to drive oversized machinery on county roads to move from field to field, which can pose a safety threat if motorists are speeding, officials said.

Most combines and tractors top out at around 25 miles per hour, but the average speed limit along county roads is around 55 miles per hour, said Maj. Brad Burkhart, chief deputy at the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

At that speed, it takes a car just seven seconds to close a gap of 400 feet, Burkhart said.

“It doesn’t take long for an accident to take place,” he said.

To prevent collisions, Burkhart advises drivers to drive with caution and keep a look out for vehicles that might be traveling slowly.

“This is one of the busiest times of the year for farmers, and (they) do their best to stay out of the way,” he said. “You’ve just got to share the road and cooperate with one another to keep things safe.”

Burkhart cautioned drivers not to pass unless there’s no oncoming traffic, and they’re in a passing zone.

— Daniel Morgan Daily Reporter staff writer

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