Letter by councilman’s opponent was not unfair attack

To the editor:

I really haven’t had a horse in the race for the south side seat of the Greenfield City Council, but the comments made by Mr. Grass left a bad taste.

When he uses the terms, “negative campaign” and “unfairly attacked,” I saw neither in his opponent’s previous letter to the editor.

Donna Steele’s most damaging comment was “cast the deciding vote to support these raises.” Hardly painful to anyone except for someone that hasn’t had an opponent in the past. I can’t imagine how Kerry would have reacted if Donna Steele had brought up the historical fact that Kerry had offered an ordinance that would have forgiven his neighborhood (and therefore himself) the $2,100 charge to hook up to city water.

As to my comment to council, it’s good business to pay people the going wage, not what you think your good friend is worth. The former is fiscally responsible, and the latter leads to ideas like the $15 minimum wage. I was on council, and I know what the mayor does. That position is worth what others in comparable cities are making.

I would now suggest that you consider voting for Donna Steele, as she seems to be paying attention to the issues.

Phillip Miller