Marriage Licenses – September 23

The following marriage-license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Aug. 3

Randall C. Carter, Greenfield, to Mary E. James, Greenfield.

Robert S. Pendleton Jr., Greenfield, to Jennifer R. Smith, Greenfield.

Zachary R. Cook, Greenfield, to Kristen R. Overton, Greenfield.

Aug. 4

Kogan P. Pifer, Fortville, to Emily G. Dillow, Greenfield.

Aug. 5

Grace K. Cotton, McCordsville, to Tyler M. Hammons, McCordsville.

Aug. 6

Linda M. Snyder, Greenfield, to James Harrison, Goodwater, Alabama.

Jason M. Southgate, Greenfield, to Carissa A. Dalton, Straughn.

Aug. 7

Michael R. Hinshaw, Greenfield, to Tracy L. Elrod, Greenfield.

Amy E. Jessup, Greenfield, to Christian W. Meyer, Greenfield.

Kevin L. Demaree, New Palestine, to Dawn M. Schrag, New Palestine.

Nicholas S. Stultz, McCordsville, to Hannah Boatwright, McCordsville.

Aug. 10

William T. Herd, Greenfield, to Jasmine L. Hill, Greenfield.

Aug. 12

Nichole R. Steward, Greenfield, to Cody Griffith, Greenfield.

Aug. 13

Ashley B. Deal, New Palestine, to Richard G. Marcum, New Palestine.

Ryan Masters, New Palestine, to Adrianne Cooper, New Palestine.

Vasillios Cammas, Fairfax, Virginia, to Zenaida M. Olivero, New Palestine.

Anna K. Boyd, McCordsville, to Richard O. Seys Jr., McCordsville.

Aug. 14

Benjamin A. Jarvis, New Palestine, to Lainey L. Pine, New Palestine.

Kyle A. Sugden, Greenfield, to Ashley Rush, Greenfield.

Aug. 17

Joshua A. Martin, Greenfield, to Katelyn K. Burns, Muncie.

David P. Brock, Greenfield, to Sirena T. Rather, Greenfield.

Aug. 18

Lori M. Beeker, Greenfield, to Evan D. Divine, Rushville.

Clifton V. Jett, McCordsville, Gwennetta Lewis, McCordsville.

Emily E. Brauchle, Greenfield, to Richard W. Lemke, Plainfield.

Makenzie L. Hinds, Greenfield, to James A. Martin, Greenfield.


Matthew A. Jordan, McCordsville, to Julianne M. Reneer, McCordsville.

Aug. 21

Josie P. Randall, Greenfield, to Robert C. Moss, Greenfield.

Damont E. Chase Sr., McCordsville, to DeLishia M. Andrew, McCordsville.

William G. Baldwin, Anderson, to April C. Danz, New Palestine.

Stephen F. Casey, Louisville, Kentucky, to Melanie L. Kern, Greenfield.

Kyle L. Bates, New Palestine, to Shelley R. Barnett, Greenfield.

Aug. 24

Solomon N. O’Neal, Wilkinson, to Jennifer S. Jones, Wilkinson.

Jacob L. Ramage, Shirley, to Miranda L. Parke, Wilkinson.

Matthew C. Rinehart, Wilkinson, to Dina K. Verplank, Indianapolis.

Douglas Lantz, Greenfield, to Kaitlynn E. Mizenko, Greenfield.

Joe M. Gibson, Greenfield, to Michelle A. Helton, Greenfield.

Aug. 26

Benjamin Purvis, New Palestine, to Tiera Oberman, New Palestine.

Megan D. Nicholson, Greentown, to Daniel J. Williams, McCordsville.

Aug. 27

Kyle D. Freeman, Greenfield, to Bettie J. Huddleston, Greenfield.

Jarius W. Shumpert, Indianapolis, to Amber D. Passwaiter, Indianapolis.

Angel R. Schnittker, Greenfield, to Christopher W. Bronnenberg, Greenfield.

Aug. 28

Payton Upchurch, Greenfield, to Cassandra Mann, Muncie.

Justin Beagle, Fortville, to Taylor C. Williams, Fortville.

Daniel E. Milligan, Indianapolis, to Anna M. Coleman, Greenfield.

Sean C. Parker, Greenfield, to Sarah B. Meringer, Greenfield.

Paul J. Halter III, Greenfield, to Kathleen M. Cameron, Indianapolis.

Adam F. Caddell, Greenfield, to Alita V. Rangel-Scott, Greenfield.

Michael J. Hurst, Greenfield, to Cynthia K. Towle, Greenfield.

Derek E. Turner, New Palestine, to Morgan D. Ross, New Palestine.

Aug. 31

John O’Connor, Greenfield, to Robin L. Chariton, Greenfield.