SSO for Sept. 12

•I love autumn, but I sure hate to see summer go.

•I need a vacation! This year has been insane!

•I’m sorry the fair is over, but that means Riley days are on their way!

•Can we get a light at State Road 9 and County Road 300, please?

•I was excited for the cool weather recently but was also happy to see warm weather return. No matter what, anything is better than snow.

•The new roundabout at county roads 300N and 600W would be really nice if people figured out how to use it. I see cars almost get hit because people are not yielding the right way daily!

•Fall is my favorite season, but I sure have loved this summer.

•I think readers need to be made aware that our resident eagles may have developed a taste for smaller, back-yard pets. I recently got a quick glimpse of a large brown, heavily-feathered bird fly up from my back yard. From that time, I have seen no sign of my cat. The cat is not in the habit of wandering from the yard. I live in the vicinity of Walmart, which I expect is a prime hunting area. A precaution might well be warranted.

•I have not heard of anyone looking at the old plans for the 4-H Fairgrounds. They had a good plan for buildings before. They might need to be enlarged, but what they wanted was good.

•Taking the kids to all the surrounding pumpkin patches for pumpkins and apples is the best part of fall. I love supporting Hancock County.

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