Real Estate – August 18

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 22

Villas at Timber Run LLC to Linda K. Hirsch, 1120 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $213,711.

Richard D. Shore, et. al., to Kristy L. Dalton, 852 Walnut St., Greenfield, $79,900.

Louis Hudson to Carleton Griffin, 510 N. State St., Greenfield, $181,000.

James and Natalie Disman to Michael and Ashley Weaver, 1357 S. Fox Den Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $367,000.

Ryan E. Masters to Stephanie and Aaron W. Kelly, 4158 S. Amber Court, New Palestine, $179,900.

Kent L. Zentz to Charles E. and Denise W. Snyder, 4102 S. Black Oak Lane, New Palestine, $191,900.

Kevin and Lisa Jobe to David L. and Melissa J. Ham, 5225 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $315,000.

Patrick Pennington to Justin and Rachael Hardwick, 752 Holiday Drive, Fortville, $87,500.

Vaneta L. Apple Living Trust to John L. and Anita L. Randall, 502 Swan Drive, Fortville, $159,900.

Elizabeth L. Good to Eric Baird, 924 N. Main St., Fortville, $161,900.

Harvey Construction Co. to Arbor Homes LLC, 485 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $25,000.

Bradley and Elizabeth Anderson to Jamie R. and Camille L. Schultz, 9634 Breckenridge Station, McCordsville, $399,000.

Beazer Homes Indiana LP to William D. and Laverne L. Reusch, 6620 W. Black Tail Way, McCordsville, $263,673.

June 23

Curtis A. and Robyn L. Baker to Max E. and Wilma A. Kennedy, 5766 E. County Road 200W, Blue River Township, $180,000.

U.S. Bank to William Hysong, 8988 E. South St., Brown Township, $1,200.

Stephen J. and Kendra L. Gilbreath to Joshua M. Dellekamp, 8521 E. County Road 1100N, Brown Township, $188,500.

Chad B. and Krista L. Harris to Anthony G and Alyssa E. Simons, 6734 W. Philadelphia Drive, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

Scott A. and Crystal D. Starkey to Tammy Bragg, 2887 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $164,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christina L. Bundy, 92 Vine St., Sugar Creek Township, $4,500.

Christina L. and Scott A. Williams to Ryan Masters, 3798 S. Harting Farms Drive, New Palestine, $233,000.

Vernon P. Sigo to Donney H. and Shannon Smith, 538 Swan Drive, Fortville, $145,000.

June 24

Scott P. and Randi M. Mays to Brandon and Stephanie Ford, 3468 E. County Road 300S, Brandywine Township, $188,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, 7549 W. County Road 350N, Buck Creek Township, $85,135.29.

Estate of Richard G. Merlau to RGM Farms Inc., W. County Road 200N, Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Stephanie and Brandon Ford to Jeffrey A. Manning, 360 Pomona Court, Greenfield, $117,000.

T/C Land LLC to Cougar Storage LLC, 2274 N. Fortville Pike, Greenfield, $517,000.

Kenneth and Miriam Stellhorn to Ronald F. and Carol J. Brosmer, 293 Leonainie Court, Greenfield, $119,900.

Community Bank to Lombardo Homes of Indiana LLC, 937 Miller Court, Greenfield, $35,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to F & L Lito Corp., 372 N. County Road 600E, Jackson Township, $25,000.

Adam H. and Jill H. Stedham to Shane M. and Stacey M. Dye, 7192 W. Fox View Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $467,900.

Richard Merlau Farms Inc. to RGM Farms Inc., 3974 S. County Road 200W, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Estate of Richard G. Merlau to RGM Farms Inc., 2 County Road 500W, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Logan A. Sargent, 5602 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $187,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Brian Disney and Elizabeth A. Kennedy, 5709 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $192,420.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Ryan M. and Michael D. Lee, 5693 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $171,400.

June 25

Dorothy E. and W.J. Reeves Gregory to Melissa A. Gillam, 1103 S. St., Shirley, $143,000.

Conrex Residential Property Group to Austin G. Proctor, 10615 S. Morristown Pike, Center Township, $88,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Curtis A. and Robyn L. Baker, 1251 Magnolia Drive, Greenfield, $132,900.

Matthew D. Koch to Cynthia Taylor, 259 Bumblebee Court, Greenfield, $116,800.

Shawn T. and Lorraine J. McCune to Debron W. Pebworth, 968 Indigo Drive, Greenfield, $124,000.

Jami A. and David M. Weinrich to Carmen H. and Charles M. Law, 2187 S. Woodgrove Way, Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Shari Spohn to Randy J. and Tonya R. Hasselburg, 408 Hopkins Drive, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $115,000.

John D. and Linda Lewis to The RYG Living Trust, 9882 N. Anchor, McCordsville, $265,000.