Real Estate – August 8

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 1

Tony E. and Gayle L. Wray to Craig R. and Emily A. Smith, 5073 W. Tumbleweed Court, Sugar Creek Township, $265,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC to Christina M. Dahl, 5791 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $202,760.

Scott M. and Sarah A. Surber to Jeremy and Aimee Hamilton, 8750 N. Crestview Trail, McCordsville, $195,000.

June 2

Richard L. and Deborah A. Bruce to Daniel L. Bruce, 9913 E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $167,500.

Alliance HSP Greenfield LLC to Reeve Properties, N. Buck Creek Road, Buck Creek Township, $129,500.

Grace M. Heck to Peter G. and Rebecca A. Buttram, Hickory Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Joseph R. Jr. and Jenni L. Bossom to Winn A. and Dorcas P. Hord, 1562 Prairieview Lane, Greenfield, $109,000.

Keigh C. and Stephanie K. Belcher to Joshua D. Maroska, 1064 N. County Road 600E, Jackson Township, $159,900.

Jeffrie S. and Lisa M. Moore to Candace D. and Brian K. Hurst, 5647 W. Baywood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $345,000.

Greg and Amy R. Ledford to Sonya J. and Carolyn Whiteside, 4503 W. Windsong Court, Sugar Creek Township, $160,000.

Barbara J. Hays to Jane A. Felt, 1239 S. Peace St., Sugar Creek Township, $235,000.

Ryan S. and Kristina J. Willhelm to Ivan Irons, 636 Meadow Drive, New Palestine, $100,000.

Kenneth J. Flora to Justin A. and Rachel L. Reed, 3769 S. Cedar Creek Lane, New Palestine, $225,000.

Eric M. and Nettie M. Wilson to Theresa A. Beever, 976 Tulip Way, Fortville, $152,000.

Albert F. Dean to Keary S. and Wilhemina F. Dye, 712 Bluff Creek Drive, Fortville, $124,500.

Scott M. Richwine to Johnny S. and Ulrikie Crawford, 5769 W. Deerview Bend, McCordsville, $154,500.

June 3

Federal National Mortgage to Michael D. and Karen Elsbury, 3553 E. County Road 300N, Center Township, $160,000.

Charlotte K. Brandle to Equity Trust Co.-Vani K. Dantam IRA, 731 W. County Road 850N, Vernon Township, $482,310.

Charlotte K. Brandle to Equity Trust Co.-Vani K. Dantam IRA, N. County Road 50W, Vernon Township, included in above sale.

June 4

Angela M. Nicholson to Jamie R. Hancock, 5131 E. County Road 200S, Blue River Township, $197,000.

James B. and Melanie D. Newkirk to Rufus Barger, 613 N. Spring St., Greenfield, $7,000.

Derek L. Byerly to Matthew R. and Jamie L. Lowe, 611 Lighthouse Drive, Fortville, $151,000.

Timothy T. Tucker to Matthew W. and Jamye A. Weber, 8699 N. Emerald Blvd., McCordsville, $230,000.

Bradley A. and Angela D. Proctor to Ronald and Joanne Randall Family Trust, 6133 W. Waterfront Way, McCordsville, $175,000.

Timothy M. Smith to David A. and Chelsea A. Shumaker, 6067 Crossfield Trail, McCordsville, $416,400.

Timothy Hunt to Bradley S. and Ashley N. Cook, 9330 N. Storm Bay Circle, McCordsville, $199,000.