Marriage Licenses – July 22

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

June 1

Carrie A. Dillon, Greenfield, to John D. Illy, Greenfield.

June 2

Danielle Dowling, Greenfield, to Abdallah Alzyout, Greenfield.

Corrine E. Beeson, Greenfield, to Andrew W. Owens, Greenfield.

Jacob Payton, Greenfield, to Shyanne Gates, Greenfield.

Peter J. Cozzi, Fortville, to Jordan M. Surber, Greenwood.

Vilma C. Wills, Greenfield, to Terry L. Carver, Greenfield.

Sydney M. Stanley, Wilkinson, to James P. McDaniel, Greenfield.

June 3

Chelsea M. Hicks, Greenfield, to Matthew B. Plummer, Greenfield.

Autumn Chittum, Greenfield, to Robert D. Vestal, Greenfield.

Jared A. Unseld, Indianapolis, to Desiree L. Burton, Indianapolis.

June 5

Kirby M. Yoder, McCordsville, to Jennifer L. Welch, McCordsville.

David Temme, Greenfield, to Elise Palmer, Auburn.

Gary A. Borgmann, Pendleton, to Sandra A. Key, Elberon, Virginia.

Jacob W. Zapf, Greenfield, to April M. Marlin, Indianapolis.

Joseph R. Wellman, Greenfield, to Karina M. Cox, Greenfield.

Corinne Loughman, Greenfield, to Mary M. Talbott, Heath, Ohio.

Charlton Cavette, Greenfield, to Heather Carlson, Greenfield.

Juanita K. Edmondson, Greenfield, to Benjamin Morrison, Indianapolis.

June 8

Eric A. Burkett, Greenfield, to Yvonne Bridget, Greenfield.

Zachary S. Beechboard, Greenfield, to Hannah E. Maynard, Muncie.

Adam T. Thompson, Greenfield, to Judith A. Struewing, Greenfield.

June 9

Elijah Williams, Greenfield, to Cortney T. Mead, Greenfield.

Angel A. Silvagnoli, Greenfield, to Ana C. Romo, Greenfield.

Ashley M. Dalton, Greenfield, to Daniel W. Spence, Wilkinson.

June 11

Cheyenne M. Sanders, Fortville, to Alexander Packard, Indianapolis.

Jane E. Unger, Greenfield, to Kevin L. Bryant, Greenfield.

June 12

Judy A. Clem, Fountaintown, to William W. Gray, Fountaintown.

June 15

Harold D. Crowder, McCordsville, to Clara L. May, McCordsville.

Jacob S. Richmond, Greenfield, to Jamie L. Nulliner, Greenfield.

June 16

Nicole M. Long, Greenfield, to Michael A. Williams Jr., Greenfield.

Jay A. Cook, Greenfield, to Carla L. Blue, Greenfield.

Thomas C. Vanalst, Greenfield, to Terri N. Wildman, Greenfield.

George W. Neer, Greenfield, to Donna W. List, Greenfield.

June 17

Rachel M. Finet, Greenfield, to Nicholas J. England, Greenfield.

Ralph C. Atwell Jr., Wilkinson, to Cynthia A. Armstrong, Wilkinson.

Eric M. Cooney, Greenfield, to Jessica S. Hoover, Greenfield.

June 18

Michael Stephanoff, New Palestine, to Amber Craig, New Palestine.

Kory D. Chapman, Greenfield, to Brooke M. Wininger, Crawfordsville.

Brandon L. Turientine, McCordsville, to Tiffany Millbrook, McCordsville.

June 19

Tony A. Wooten, Greenfield, to Tammy L. Helton, Greenfield.

Jeffrey M. Coyle, Indianapolis, to Nayeli S. Salazar, Indianapolis.

Gadiel F. Amahit, Philippines, to Michelle R. LaFlower, Greenfield.

Kent D. Holliday, Greenfield, to Stacy L. Holliday, Greenfield.

June 22

Dennis R. Stillions, Greenfield, to Cheryl L. Yancy, Greenfield.

Nicholas T. Clay, Fortville, to Sarah B. White, Fortville.

June 23

John M. Brown, Greenfield, to Erica M. Watson, Greenfield.

Cody D. Bates, Greenfield, to Olivia D. Barnhart, Greenfield.

Heather N. Horton, Indianapolis, to Troy E. Harper, Greenfield.

June 24

Alyse N. Grinstead, Pendleton, to Jake A. Wilson, Greenfield.

June 25

Gabriel J. Spangler, Greenfield, to Danielle L. Hibbard, Greenfield.

Neil R. Dorsey, Austin, Texas, to Anna E. Lewer, Austin, Texas.

Herbert Brown, Greenfield, to Jo A. Agee, Greenfield.

Max A. Hunt, New Palestine, to Chelsi B. Jacobs, Greenfield.

June 26

Adam T. Brizendine, Greenfield, to Lindsey A. Hyde-Weigel, Westfield.

Ruud T. Pelzer, Netherlands, to Katherine R. Darrah, Netherlands.

Gerald W. Lopez Jr., Greenfield, to Kaylee M. Hersberger, Fortville.

Gregory A. Webb, Greenfield, to Jane A. Rodgers, Greenfield.

June 29

Jeffrey R. Harris, Charlottesville, to Christina M. Hunter, Indianapolis.

Nathaniel K. Gray, Greenfield, to Amber Lowder, Greenfield.

Timothy D. Howard, Wilkinson, to Christina F. Fulkerson, Wilkinson.