Sound Off – July 18

Personal attacks will not be printed, and the Daily Reporter reserves the right to edit comments for publication.

■ I would like to give a special shout out to the person/people who made the decision to chain up the parking lot next to the baseball diamond at the high school. Now that there is no chance that a cop is clocking in that parking lot, the Franklin Street Raceway is open for business.

■ Just read about the junior rodeo. Seriously, who thought this event up? Don’t animals suffer enough without teaching our children they’re there to be used and abused? This absolutely stinks to high heaven. Shameful.

■ Hey, Arbor Homes, go away. Greenfield is way too overcrowded for 500 more homes. Our schools can’t handle that many more students. Traffic backs up for blocks at our intersections as it is. Hey, city of Greenfield, how about putting eminent domain to good use and putting a much-needed bypass on that land? Greenfield needs that way more than 500 more families.

■ Greenfield’s main claim to fame is the Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb Riley. The house and grounds are well maintained and worth visiting. So why is it that no matter which direction or highway you travel into Greenfield, this is never prominently announced or promoted to catch travelers’ attention and spark their interest to stop in Greenfield? There’s no way for them to find our “tourist center,” which is hidden downtown, either. For our family, some of our most memorable road trips were made when a road sign pulled us off the beaten path to discover something new.

■ We go to Greenfield’s fireworks every year. We have always enjoyed them so much, and they are usually as good as Indianapolis. However this year, we were all disappointed. We saw green and red over and over to the point of boring. Yes, they had others that were nice, but it seemed they must have gotten a bargain on green and red because most the show was green and red. It wasn’t Christmas; it was the Fourth of July. There should have been red, white and blue.

■ Aren’t our local columnists great? Joe Whitfield has succeeded where dozens of articles and books on getting organized have failed. Reading his description of brown recluse spiders and their hiding places has finally motivated me to do a thorough job of cleaning and de-cluttering my closet. Thanks, Joe!

■ I love the predictability of economics. Labor costs increased — Starbucks raised their minimum wage — and now they expect the consumer to pick up the tab. No thanks.

■ Why doesn’t the city of Greenfield fix roads, put in a turn arrow at State Road 9 and U.S. 40, take down some of the abandoned houses that are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, fix drainage systems, etc.? Do you really think that making an interstate exit look so fancy is going to attract people? Once they are here, and they see all the roads that need fixed and empty commercial buildings, they are going to get right back on the interstate.