Robbery attempt no joke

GREENFIELD — A man who said he was only joking when he stormed into a local pizzeria and demanded cash after threatening employees is wanted for attempted robbery, police said.

Investigators are working to identify the young man shown in a video surveillance tape entering Mozzi’s Pizza, 1200 N. State St., shortly after 9 p.m. July 7.

Employees said the man, whose face was covered by a hooded sweatshirt, rushed into the store, waving his arms, told them he was carrying a grenade, then asked for all the money in the cash drawer. When workers froze, the man pulled down his hood, showing his face, smiled and said he was just kidding around.

He then asked if Mozzi’s is hiring, employees told police.

The man can be seen in the video, laughing and talking with someone at the counter for about one minute before leaving the store. He did not fill out an application or identify himself, police said, and no one at the store recognized him.

Investigators say the man’s body language suggests he was serious about robbing the store when he came inside.

“It wasn’t casually strolling in there,” Greenfield police Detective Sgt. John Cutler said. “The way he kind of lunges and leans over the counter does lead me to believe it was not a joke.”

Police have shared the video on the Greenfield Police Department’s Facebook page in hopes of identifying the suspect, who faces charges of attempted robbery and attempted theft.

Watch the video

A surveillance video of the would-be robber is posted on the Greenfield Daily Reporter Facebook page. Contact Greenfield police Detective Sgt. John Cutler, 317-477-4410, with any information on the man’s identity.

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