Sound Off – June 27

■ We’ve only lived in Greenfield for 2½ years but have always felt a sense of community and very welcomed here. We love our old home on Main Street and so happy to be a part of this great town.

■ I would love to hear more about acts of kindness in the news instead of negativity. It makes you dread reading the news sometimes with it always being bad things. A small act of kindness can change a person’s entire day.

■ We recently moved to Greenfield this year, and I am happy to say we picked the perfect place for our first house! I can’t wait to enjoy all the summer fun Hancock County has to offer.

■ Life is good!! Smile every day and make someone else’s day a little brighter.

■ We have lived in Greenfield for a little over 10 years now, and I am still proud to tell everyone where I live. Every time I hear the news talk about all the violence in Indianapolis, it makes me feel content to know my family is safe and sound in our small town.

■ I am blessed to have healthy kids and a VERY patient husband.

■ Thank you for another fun Relay For Life. What an inspiration the survivors were! And to all that came out to show your support, or made a donation, thank you so very much.

■ I love Hancock County!

■ I moved to Greenfield from Florida three years ago, and I think the people here are very friendly and have always made me feel welcome.

■ I need a break!

■ The Hancock County Humane Society is always grateful for any donations large or small, including cat treats, dog treats, cat litter, dog food and cat food!

■ All this rain will quench my garden!

■ No more rain!

■ I make the hour commute to Greenfield five days a week for work. Having a sense of belonging in Greenfield has been a positive experience and has been refreshing. My two-hour round trip is worth it, knowing that I enjoy working in Greenfield.

■ I remember when you could drive through Riley Creek in the park! Now that was fun.