Vote against TPA preserves Constitution

Vote against trade deals preserves Constitution

To the editor:

Anyone who is paying attention lately knows that there are two measures currently before Congress regarding trade. One is called the TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority, also known as “fast track,” and the other is TPP, or Trans Pacific Partnership, also called “Obamatrade.”

The TPA would allow the president to negotiate trade deals with foreign states. The problem is that it is illegal and unconstitutional. The TPA would attempt to transfer the power to regulate trade from the Congress to the president.

The U.S. Constitution is very clear in Article 1, Section 8, that “The Congress shall have power to … regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states.” Voting to “give” the president the authority to do so cannot transfer this constitutional authority from Congress to the president. Only a constitutional amendment can do that.

The second bill is an 800-page agreement that President Barack Obama is hammering out in coordination with other countries but keeping secret from the American people.

There is rumor that this bill includes language regarding so-called “Climate Change” regulations, and many also believe it greatly benefits big corporations on Wall Street to the disadvantage of small businesses on Main Street. Some have even suggested that this agreement will tend to undermine our laws in the U.S. and may ultimately come to replace our own Constitution, which is being slowly dismantled for the past several decades.

In a nutshell, we are losing our Constitution in bits and pieces, and it’s time for the American people to put a stop to it. Many in Congress are opposed to this illegal effort to transfer congressional power to the executive branch through the Trade Promotion Authority. Do you know where your representative stands?

Unfortunately, “fast track” already has passed the Senate with Sen. Dan Coats voting for it and Sen. Joe Donnelly voting against it. It is up to the people to rein in their representatives when they are wrong, and in this case, Coats’ vote was wrong and failed to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. Both senators need to hear from you regarding their votes.

We still have a chance to stop the TPA from passing as it will be coming before the House in the coming weeks. I urge you to call Congressman Luke Messer at 202-225-3021 and tell him you want him to abide by the Constitution and vote against the TPA and the illegal effort to transfer congressional power to the executive branch.

And when the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership finally comes to the floor of the Senate and the House, it will no doubt be rushed through, with no time for the representatives of the people to actually read the bill. It is typical of this administration to demonize anyone who wants to debate the merits or offer amendments.

The state of our government has always been in the hands of We the People, but you have to participate in order to have your voice heard. Tell your U.S. Senators, Coats and Donnelly, and tell Rep. Messer that the Trans Pacific Partnership, “Obamatrade,” is not in the best interest of our country or our economy and does not actually promote free trade. Tell them to uphold their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and to vote “No” when TPP finally comes before them for a vote.

Carolyn Flynn