Resident thankful for officer, good Samaritan

To the editor:

I would like to thank the New Palestine Police Department, with special thanks to Officer Fisher, and a helpful gentleman named Bill.

To make a long story short, the wind blew the door of my car shut, locking my purse, phone, keys and dog inside.

Riley, my dog, had just been on a long walk and was very hot. The car was sitting in the sun, and I definitely was afraid she might suffer heat stroke.

It was late in the afternoon and not a soul in sight. I was trying to decide what to use to break out the window when a man named Bill walked by and suggested I call 911. With the use of his phone, I made the call, and Officer Fisher arrived within 10 long minutes to maneuver the door open with a blood pressure cuff and steel rod.

It worked, and Riley was saved. I was so happy when she came bounding out of the car with a wagging tail. Thanks, Bill and Officer Fisher, for your help.

 Barbara Corell

New Palestine