Pizza, family, sports my faves

Bare with me, Daily Reporter readers. I’ve never been good at this. Much like the best man giving a toast at a wedding, I make it a habit of fumbling over my words in these situations.

Give me a feature story or a game to cover, and my charisma shines with the best. It’s in those moments when the spotlight’s on me that I become more grizzly than polar in this particular plunge.

So, here I go. Welcome to my introductory column.

For those of you who don’t know, I am Rich Torres, the new sports editor of the Daily Reporter. I was hired late last month and began this new chapter in my career last week on Monday.

Before I continue, please allow me to take a minute to thank my friend and colleague, Brian Harmon, who occupied this chair for many a sports season prior.

Brian did a remarkable job covering the Hancock County sports scene. I enjoyed working with him in recent years and for him as a freelancer the past couple of seasons. He left behind a tremendous legacy here at the newspaper, and he will be greatly missed.

Now, as for my introduction, instead of boring you all to death by copying and pasting my curriculum vitae, I’m going a different route.

As a Ball State alum, it’s in my nature to love lists (we’ll miss you, Dave!). So, why fight instinct?

Without further ado, here are 20 tidbits (in no particular order) about me, my career, family and my sports addictions/loyalties. Enjoy.

1. I live in Fishers with my wife (we were college sweethearts) and my rambunctious and amazing son.

2. My son recently turned 2 years old. He loves baseball, basketball, soccer balls and Bubble Guppies! His birthday theme was sports.

(I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t brainwash the kid.)

3. Fishers to Greenfield won’t be the longest commute in my career. For three years, I drove from Beech Grove to Lebanon and later to Anderson, where I worked for The Reporter and The Herald Bulletin, respectively. I’ve lived on Indy’s north side since 2004.

4. I don’t mind driving distances. As a matter of fact, I love it, but commuting doesn’t come without its unexpected dangers. In 2005, I was rear-ended by a drunk driver on Interstate 69 southbound.

The driver was traveling at speeds exceeding 100 mph and spun me off the road, totaling my old Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Fortunately, I walked away without any injuries.

5. At The Herald Bulletin, I covered the Indianapolis Colts, traveling with the team on occasion during my tenure, documenting Peyton Manning’s record-setting career.

6. As the paper’s Colts beat writer, I was asked to appear on ESPNews the Hot List twice via phone. My 15 minutes.

7. I worked at VYPE High School Sports Magazine (Central Indiana) after Anderson. I was the editor for six years.

8. My greatest sports writer moments are: shaking Michael Jordan’s hand, interviewing Paul Konerko, getting a one-on-one interview with Oscar Robertson and covering LeBron James in the McDonald’s All-American Game in Cleveland. In the running would be interviewing Derek Jeter in the Colts’ locker room (during Manning’s TD record season).

9. I am a diehard Chicago sports fan. White Sox over Cubs. Enough said.

10. Recently, my son and I were honored to make the White Sox’s retirement tribute video for Paul Konerko.

11. I grew up in Gary in the heart of what is known as “The Region.” Didn’t know what Eastern time was until I went to school at Ball State.

12. Deep dish pizza over thin crust any day. (Unless it’s Roselli’s in Carmel or Aurellio’s up north. If you have any local suggestions, let me know).

13. Played baseball, football and wrestled as a kid and have the knees to prove it.

14. Don’t have any major college sports loyalties, but I do pull for anyone IU is playing most of of the time.

15. Was inducted into the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2006 as a media member — a tremendous honor.

16. Have a dog (part Doberman and part Australian Shepard) named Tyson. He turned 10 last month. He’s named after Tyson Chandler, not Mike Tyson. Common mistake.

17. Love movies and quote them often.

18. I listen to all types of music but can’t ever remember song titles to save my life.

19. Been told I have a dry sense of humor and am a sarcastic soul. Usually takes people a while to figure that out.

20. I love feedback from readers. Pick up the phone and give me a call or shoot me an email. If you have a story idea, a tip or just want to talk sports, I’m game.

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Rich Torres is sports editor at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. He can be reached at or 317-477-3227.