Saturday Sound Off

Why is it so difficult for so many people to return messages? It should be even easier today with cellphones, text messaging, etc. It’s not like I’m expecting a handwritten note. But not responding is ignoring someone, and it is as rude as it has always been.

I hate seeing people on cellphones at the park rather than interacting with their kids — as if you can make this time up.

What is up with adults not knowing how to drive a stick shift? They generally get better gas mileage and have more control in poor conditions. It just makes sense to have the ability to drive different kinds of vehicles.

Instead of hating each other for what you can’t have, be more grateful for what you still do have. All the money in the world will never buy happiness. Hating each other over what you don’t have isn’t going to get you anywhere but misery. I want, I want, I want is all you hear. I wanted a wife and great family one day. Do I have it? No. Am I still smiling? Yes. I wanted a fast car when I was a kid. Did my parents buy it for me? No. But I’m still smiling. I want a lot of things out of life, but I’m still gonna smile if I don’t get it.

I see Mt. Vernon Community School Corp. is at it again. They get a little money and think they have to spend it immediately. Shame on them.