Sound Off – May 30

■ If you’re looking for a furry friend, adopt a shelter animal. They will be so happy for a home and you will know that you’ve given an animal a second chance at life.

Support local businesses! Do you want Greenfield to become a generic landscape of big box stores and chain restaurants? Keep Greenfield unique!

■ We recently went to a birthday party for a 9 year old. She had to have her mom read the cards from the older friends and relatives since she isn’t taught cursive. How will this youngster ever be able to sign a legal document or a check. Our educational system has gone backward and is not doing what needs to be done.

■ Be forewarned. Hancock Regional Hospital outsources its emergency room doctors. While the hospital may be in network for your insurance plan, the attending physician may not be, and coverage may be denied or less coverage provided even though you have no choice in who treats you in the ER. There ought to be a law.

■ What do we need to do to get more of our community to sign up/get involved with our American Cancer Society Relay For Life event on June 12 and 13 at Greenfield-Central High School track? We want to celebrate and honor the lives of those affected by cancer. This is a community event. Bring your family and friends! Lots of food/fun/activities! Register at

■ I heard the town got some money to play with to fix things up around town. I wish they’d put a sidewalk down to J.B. Stephens on the right side of the road. Seems silly to have walking kids from the subdivisions there cross over to the other side and then back again on a decently busy road.

■ My dog and I enjoy going to Rover Run, but this year, what’s happened to maintenance? Grass cut only when very high, leaving patches and clumps of grass. Tire that holds the rocks around the water not fixed after being hit by mower. I understand why people are beginning to stay away. This is one of the reasons. It’s a shame with only one dog park in Greenfield. I used to be proud to invite others to join the park, but not now.