Markers emphasize historic locations in Hancock County

Donna Steele writes, “I am searching for the 11 registered historical sites in the county, and I can’t find a comprehensive list. Do you have one available?”

Donna, I don’t know what you mean by registered historical sites, but here are some things that might fit the bill:

During the U.S. bicentennial in 1976, the Hancock County Historical Society placed markers throughout the community. There were nine of them. One was located in Blue River Township and designated the location of the first store in Hancock County, which was Elijah Tyner’s store.

Another was at Jonathan Evans’ store and post office in New Palestine. One was located at the site of the Black Swamp in Center Township.

Another was in Brandywine Township at Finly, one in Vernon Township at Phoebe Forts Corner, one in Buck Creek Township at Hancock County’s first Fourth of July picnic, one in Green Township at the Fuqua Cabin site, one in Jackson Township for the Cleveland Inn, and one in Brown Township at the Warrington Flour mill site. Also Little Orphan Annie’s Grave is marked in the Philadelphia Cemetery, and the Hancock County Seminary (school) is marked on Pennsylvania Street in Greenfield. Most of the signs are still up, and they should easily be recognized.

In addition, there are some great museums in the county. The Shirley Historical Society has the Railroad Depot and the Doctor’s Office. Greenfield has the Riley Boyhood Home and the Hancock County Historical Museum and Log Jail. So I do believe that one could study Indiana history right here in Hancock County.

In the spring of 1828 the southern part of Madison County was organized as a new county and was named after John Hancock.

On April 11, 1828, Greenfield was designated as the county seat. The community was built in the center of the county on donated land. Behind the fourth courthouse, the current one, there is a stone in the sidewalk on the southeast side in the sidewalk. Pioneer surveyors began measuring off the lots from this stone.

Enough. I have told you everything that I know and some things I don’t. Talk to me.