The Sideline – May 23


Star of the Week

Noah Powell

Team: Mt. Vernon

Jersey: No. 8 

Grade: Junior

Position: Infielder

Stats: The Mt. Vernon speedster came up big for the Marauders in their 12-11 win against Elwood on Wednesday. The junior was a perfect 5-for-5 at the plate while collecting two RBIs, the second of which came on his walk-off winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. He also wreaked havoc on the base paths, stealing three bags. 


Star of the Week

Darby Shaw

Team: Eastern Hancock

Jersey: 24

Grade: Junior

Position: Pitcher

Stats: The Royals’ hurler kept her team in the hunt for a Mid-Hoosier Conference crown by tossing a complete-game gem against MHC foe Edinburgh on Thursday night. Shaw struck out seven Lancers and allowed just six hits over six innings in the Royals’ 10-0 win. 

Hancock County leaders

Statistical leaders for Hancock County’s softball teams. Stats are those most recently updated by coaches through May 21.



Player, school;Games;AB;Hits;Avg.

Brooke Walden, EH;19;61;34;.557

Darby Shaw, EH;16;54;30;.556

Adie Lorsung, NP;25;90;47;.522

Peyton West, EH;20;67;34;.507

Issy Hoyt, NP;24;83;42;.506

Jordan Pierson, EH;20;75;37;.493

Abby Davis, NP;25;74;36;.486

Darcie Huber, GC;25;86;41;.477

Brittany Duncan, NP;25; 86;40;.465

Morganne Denny, GC;26;96;44;.458

Sadie Baugh, MV;21;66;30;.455

Madison Whitaker, NP;25;60;27;.450

Ashley Prange, NP;25;69;31;.449

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;69;29;.420

Savannah Patterson, EH;19;47;19;.404

Michaela Ballman, GC;22;60;24;.400


Players, school;G;HR

Adie Lorsung, NP;25;8

Issy Hoyt, NP;24;8

Darcie Huber, GC;25;7

Morganne Denny, GC;26;6

Michaela Ballman, GC;22;5

Brooke Walden, EH;19;4

Morgan Moss, MV;21;4

Sadie Baugh, MV;21;4

Abby O’Connor, NP;24;4

Madison Whitaker, NP;25;4


Player, school;G;2B

Brooke Walden, EH;19;14

Peyton West, EH;19;13

Ashley Prange, NP;25;12

Issy Hoyt, NP;25;12

Jordan Pierson, EH;20;11

Morganne Denny, GC;26;11

Darcie Huber, GC;25;10

Adie Lorsung, NP;25;9

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;9

Darby Shaw, EH;16;8

Madison Whitaker, NP;25;8

Sarah Morris, GC;22;8


Player, school;G;3B

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;4

Jordan Pierson, EH;20;3

Brittany Duncan, NP;25;2

Micah Black, EH;20;2


Player, school;G;RBIs

Adie Lorsung, NP;25;52

Issy Hoyt, NP;24;35

Morganne Denny, GC;26;27

Darcie Huber, GC;25;26

Brooke Walden, EH;19;25

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;21

Michaela Ballman, GC;22;20

Madison Whitaker, NP;25;20

Ashley Prange, NP;25;19

Brittany Duncan, NP;25;18


Player, school;G;SB

Jordan Pierson, EH;20;15

Micah Black, EH;20;14

Peyton West, EH;19;10

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;9

Brooke Walden, EH;19;9

Savannah Patterson, EH;19;7

Reagan Hunt, EH;20;6

Maddie Walton, EH;13;6

Madison Walton, EH;12;6

Mackenzie McCann, MV;17;4


Player, school;G;R

Brittany Duncan, NP;25;37

Abby Davis, NP;25;36

Adie Lorsung, NP;25;32

Issy Hoyt, NP;24;32

Morganne Denny, GC;26;30

Darcie Huber, GC;25;28

Jordan Pierson, EH;20;28

Brooke Walden, EH;19;26

Kaysi Gilbert, EH;20;26

Peyton West, EH;19;22



Player, school;IP;W-L

Darcie Huber, GC;99.1;15-1

Kaylin McMurray, NP;75.1;13-1

Elisha Barker, NP;68.2;8-2

Peyton Neisler, EH;61.2;7-2

Darby Shaw, EH;56.2;6-0

Michaela Ballman, GC;42.0;5-3

Sara Pridgen, MV;86.1;5-6

Makayla Durick, GC;23.0;2-0

Kaitlyn Nugent, MV;31.2;2-5

ERA (Minimum 20 innings pitched)

Player, school;IP;ER;ERA

Darby Shaw, EH;56.2;8;0.99

Darcie Huber, GC;99.1;17;1.20

Kaylin McMurray, NP;75.1;13;1.21

Elisha Barker, NP;68.2;15;1.53

Michaela Ballman, GC;42.0;19;3.17

Makayla Durick, GC;23.0;11;3.35

Sara Pridgen, MV;86.1;57;4.62

Kaitlyn Nugent, MV;31.2;23;5.08

Peyton Neisler, EH;61.2;48;5.45


Player, school;IP;BB;Ks

Darcie Huber, GC;99.1;23;155

Darby Shaw, EH;56.2;7;63

Sara Pridgen, MV;86.1;21;44

Kaylin McMurray, NP;75.1;28;41

Elisha Barker, NP;68.2;13;31

Makayla Durick, GC;23.0;6;27

Michaela Ballman, GC;42.0;19;27

Peyton Neisler, EH;61.2;14;24

Kaitlyn Nugent, MV;31.2;9;13