Columnist got it wrong; RFRA was a fair law

To the editor:

Thank God we live in a country as great as America. In this great country, we are free to express our own ideas, thoughts and opinions.

It is never right to attack an author for his opinion, so I won’t. I will, however, stick to the facts. I rarely agree with Mike Adkins on anything. He didn’t stop the streak when he lambasted Lori Borgman (“State suffered greatly after passage of RFRA,” April 25 Daily Reporter, A4). No amount of slanting the facts will dissuade Mike.

Obviously, he has not read the bill or he could not be making these judgment calls. Oh, wait a minute. He was talking about embarrassing our state. If my memory serves me correctly, his party embarrassed the state of Indiana in the infamous walkout to Illinois. That move cost Pat Bauer his job.

I will give him some credit. The governor did respond poorly. Why? Because he was blindsided by a bunch of liberals that made much ado about nothing.

RFRA is not about discrimination. It is about governance. Go back to your own party roots. Bill Clinton endorsed it. I would also make the point that a small amount of rented demonstrators, abetted by media people, and a handful of self-serving CEOs overturned a law — the very law that was voted on by elected House and Senate members. The law was then signed by an elected governor.

The situation with the pizza parlor in Northern Indiana? Come on, Mike, who are the bigots here? I would submit it was the ill-advised person(s) that threatened to destroy the building. Michael, I would suggest you stick to rebuilding the Democratic Party in Hancock County and the state. I, too, would like to see an election in Hancock County that has a few Democrats on the ballot, because, you see, we Republicans welcome a fair fight at the polls.

C.O. Montgomery

New Palestine