Sound Off – May 16

■ Greenfield is such a beautiful town. Great place to live. Love it.

■ Idea for a Greenfield-Central schools or a class project: Raise funds to put 15-foot fiberglass cougar in the center of the round-a-bout at Franklin and McKenzie streets, facing the soccer fields. It would be an awesome sight.

■ A thumbs up to the mayoral candidates for conducting a civil campaign. However, a thumbs down to them for not differentiating themselves from each other.

■ A neighbor gave me three big doggie biscuits last week to make friends with his large, protective dog. Now, Bruno is my buddy and seemed to say he’ll be looking forward to more surprises when I visit, rather than trying to scare me away.

■ I’m looking forward to Popeye’s.

■ You know what really grinds my gears? People who drive in the passing lane. We are all here to share the road. Pass and get back over so that cars or emergency vehicles can get around you if needed.

■ I love the Pennsy Trail! It’s great to see so many others also out enjoying nature while I’m bike riding. It is a definite asset to the community.

■ Recently, a bumper sticker caught my attention: “Incite civility and reason.” If only we could figure out how to do that in our increasingly polarized society. I’m willing to work harder toward “insight civility and reason.” Who’s with me?

I can’t get over how much I have enjoyed mowing this spring. Proof positive anything is better than winter.

■ Great weather means eating outside, but there are very few options to do that here in town.

■ Pete Rose bet on baseball and hurt the integrity of the game. He’s banned for life. Tom should get at least a year. Without integrity, you’ve got nothing.

I love spring.

■ Support local businesses. Do you want Greenfield to become a generic landscape of big box stores and chain restaurants? Keep Greenfield unique.

■ I want to say how disturbed I was when I passed a church with a sign outside that read, “It’s a Sin to be Average.” I had a cousin that had learning disabilities and struggled every day to be average. All the kids and their parents that pass that sign every day and see that they are committing a sin by being average have to be heartbroken. I just had to express my feelings and stand up for the “average” God’s child.