Cumberland should give up fight to save historic church

To the editor:

To the town board of Cumberland and its allies: I am a contributing member of St. John United Church of Christ, the now famous “German Church” on German Church Road in Cumberland.

On now two occasions, you have thwarted our efforts to sell our building and property, our major financial asset, to allow us to relocate to another site to carry on our ministry and mission as a Christian congregation.

As Moses pleaded with the Egyptian pharaoh to “let my people go,” so I ask you to cease your interference in our congregational affairs with your spurious zoning objections.

Your fascination with our 100-year-old building is amazing. It has served its purpose and is now greatly in need of staggering remedial financial investment, which no one would consider a prudent use of resources. Our asset is a piece of property, which is prime commercial real estate.

Please drop your misguided obstruction of our plans to be free to leave our “Egypt” and move to our “Promised Land.”

I am astounded that you are not eager to welcome a potential $6 million capital investment in your community, providing needed employment and additional tax revenue. The members of the town board will need to answer to their constituents concerning this lack of savvy foresight.

John Krueger