Quiznos closed for tax violations

GREENFIELD — Residents hoping to get a sub sandwich were turned away from Quiznos in Greenfield on Monday.

Visitors who stopped by the eatery were greeted by a darkened kitchen and a locked door. A sign on the door of the establishment, 2045 N. State St., said the store was closed because it violated state tax law; continuing to operate would constitute a Class A misdemeanor.

Amanda Stanley of the Indiana Department of Revenue said she couldn’t give specific details regarding Quiznos but added that notices like the one displayed at the restaurant typically indicate a business has failed to pay sales tax to the state.

A business is generally given 90 days to correct the problem before a sign is posted.

A business may be reopened after making good on its obligation to the state, Stanley said.

An owner for the local store could not be reached.

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Samm Quinn is a reporter at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. She can be reached at 317-477-3275 or squinn@greenfieldreporter.com.