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There’s been no shortage of political talk on social media in recent weeks.

With all the controversy stemming from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act alone, there were days it was impossible to browse a Facebook feed or browse Twitter without running into someone with something to say.

And — for or against the controversial legislation — social media users were passionate about their views, which they posted for all their loyal followers to read.

You know a better place to put all that commentary? The ballot box.

It’s so easy to hide behind a computer screen, railing against politicians for everything we think they do wrong.

Instead, our feelings should empower us to do something more productive — vote.

Put the people in office who represent what you stand for; vote against those who don’t.

Voter apathy is rampant in Hancock County, especially during non-presidential election years, our local election officials said.

That’s a problem.

When it comes to issues that affect your everyday life, many important decisions are made right here on the local level.

Choosing the right person to represent your interests begins at the smallest level of municipal government.

The mayor oversees all city departments, whose personnel work day in and day out to keep Greenfield running smoothly.

They are the people who fill the potholes on the streets you drive each day; who patrol your neighborhoods to keep you safe; who care for wounded and stray animals and find them homes.

There are also several city and town council races on the ballot this year. Most importantly, council members craft the annual budget, dictating how thousands of your tax dollars spent. They also adopt ordinances and resolutions

In Hancock County, many races are decided in the primary, so casting your ballot May 5 is especially important.

And with early voting and vote centers making the process more convenient than ever, there’s really no excuse not to have your say.

Vote centers allow you to stop at any polling place in the county to cast your ballot (the exception being for Cumberland voters, as that particular race is handled by Marion County).

Unsure which candidate is worthy of your support? The Daily Reporter has published an in-depth voter guide, complete with candidate profiles and issue stories, to help you make an informed choice.

The guide is available at our office, 22 W. New Road, for the cost of a single copy of the newspaper.

We hope you’ll make your way to the polls between now and Election Day. Your city’s future depends on your choices.

At issue

Hancock County sees sharp drop in voter turnout during non Presidential election years.

Our point

Choosing leaders whose decisions affect your everyday life starts at the municipal level.

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