Stanley K. Ewing

Stanley K. Ewing, 61, of Indianapolis, died March 3, 2015. He was born on June 28, 1953, in Aurora, Illinois, to Keith and Dorothy Ewing.

Stanley is survived by his mother; sons Jason Ewing, Joshua Ewing, Jeffery Ewing, Stanley Richard Ewing; his daughters Reina Maria Ewing and Tiffany Star Ewing; his brothers, Gary Ewing, Robert Ewing, Carl Ewing, Jim Ewing, Ron Ewing, David Ewing, Brian Ewing, Mark Ewing; three grandchildren.

His father and his brothers, Richard Ewing, Clifford Ewing, and Kevin Ewing preceded Stan in death.

Services will be held in Millington, Illinois, at a later date at Millington-Newark Cemetery.