Athletes show off baseball talent

Winners of the MLB Pepsi Pitch, Hit & Run skills competition, Saturday at Brandywine Park in Greenfield have been announced. Boys and girls winners advanced through the first of four levels of competition to the sectional level at Victory Field in Indianapolis, date to be announced. Winners listed by gender and age group.

Boys 7-8

Overall: Ethan Ortwein

Pitch: Nolan Frye, Skylar Gibbs, Andrew Munden, Andrew Trabel

Hit: Carson Richardson

Run: No winner

Boys 9-10

Overall: Wyatt Jaeck

Pitch: Brady Sisson, Isaiah Slunaker, Donovan Barnes, Noah Rodgers

Hit: Bryson Pratt

Run: Alex Harmon

Boys 11-12

Overall: Cole Rainbolt

Pitch: Avery Frye

Hit: Ethan Bolding

Run: Cameron Wise

Boys 13-14

No competitors

Girls 7-8

Overall: Addison Herrin

Pitch: No winner

Hit: No winner

Run: Audrey Jaeck

Girls 9-10

Overall: Lillian Coffel

Pitch: Kylee Hyatt, Kylie Eads

Hit: Lilly Stewart

Run: Nicole Matthews

Girls 11-12

Overall: Mackenzie Bridgeman

Pitch: Lauryn Williams

Hit: Alexis Sisson

Run: Maleah Hewitt

Girls 13-14

Overall and pitch, hit and run: Caraline Gettinger