NEW PALESTINE — Students from Kindergarten through eighth grade at Zion Lutheran School recently learned some of the physics and engineering involved in creating a successful catapult after the students were challenged to create the device using household items.

The catapult could not use a battery or electricity and was required to fit inside a 30-centimeter milk crate cube.

The students in third through eighth grade who placed in the top four for their grade were invited to compete in Lutheran High School’s annual SciFest.

These winners include Audra Bloomer, Lucas Day, Andrew Ledbetter, Danielle Taylor, Jackson Warren, Cree Atkins, Max Everhart, Paige Taylor, Brenna Bailey, Kendall Colclazier, Andrew Greene, Molley Wilkins, Anna Caster, Emma Everhart, Katie McKinley, Danielle Steward, Nicolaus Anderson, Eli Boyd, Jadon Brutcher, Katie Taylor, Scott Engler, Mark Caster, Rylee Morris and Rylie Sturgeon.

At SciFest, the top finishers from all area Lutheran schools competed. Paper bags filled with the exact same contents were distributed across the entire gym floor. Teams of two had five minutes to look over the contents and formulate a catapult design and then were given 30 minutes to create their vision.

After the 30 minutes, the finished catapults were tested.

Brenna Bailey and Andrew Greene won the fifth- and sixth-grade division.