Mt. Vernon plans more safety upgrades


How much money are we talking about?

A total of $90,000 will be spent, with $45,000 from the Indiana Secured School Safety Grant and $45,000 of local matching money from the schools.

Half will be spent to retain the school resource officer, and half will be spent on enhancing door locks. The grant is less than last year, when $100,000 was used to pay for the resource officer, a study on safety, and GPS on buses.


What kind of infrastructure upgrades will be made?

Buzz-in security systems will allow front office staff of each building see and identify visitors before allowing them to enter the building.

Phones will be added so staff can chat with visitors before opening the door. There will also be a swipe-card system for staff to control facility entry. These upgrades are expected to be installed by the start of the 2015-16 year.


What about the police officer?

School resource officer Bob Robinson will be retained with the grant money. Robinson makes rounds to each school.

In 2014, Robinson became the first school resource officer to be hired with grant money from the school safety program. New Palestine and Greenfield-Central high schools already have officers in place, and Eastern Hancock plans to hire a school resource officer soon.