Olivia McBride, Greenfield-Central

Cheerleader Spotlight

Olivia McBride

School: Greenfield-Central

Grade: 11th

Position: Base

Favorite stunt: Base 360 extension, because it’s one of the hardest stunts, and I feel successful when I hit one.

Favorite cheerleading competition, so far: State Fair, because I like how all the teams get together and play games and get to know each other.

Individual cheer goals: Practice and compete to 110 percent of my ability.

Favorite aspect of cheerleading: Being able to cheer others on, so they can do their best. And being able to show people our talent.

Team cheer goals: Walk tight and show off our routine that we have to show.

Other extracurricular activities: Track and field.

Most challenging aspect of cheerleading: Definitely stunting.

Most painful cheer injury: I have a horrible back, and we still don’t know exactly what is wrong with it after about three years. It’s painful during practices, but I just have to work through it.

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