Judy Swift-Part 2

In 2014, the city’s police and fire departments asked for raises higher than what other city employees were receiving in order to bring local public safety agencies in line with salaries that are given in the region. The raises were backed by Mayor Chuck Fewell and the city council — including Judy Swift. Explain your reasoning and how you would go about recommending raises for city employees in the future.

(Greenfield Fire Chief James Roberts) conducted detailed research concerning the surrounding and statewide fire/police pay scales and benefits. Greenfield is growing and will continue to grow. The safety of our citizens and businesses is crucial. After analyzing this information, I was in favor of the proposed raise. These are the people who go into burning buildings and face hostile situations. These are the people who put their lives on the line in their daily work. We must always look at the economy and the growth of the city. All employees received a raise this year – that was a yes vote from me.

What do you think the city can do to attract more economic development? Why is economic development important in a city like Greenfield?

Economic development is essential to the city of Greenfield. It helps our tax base. Skip Kuker, director of HEDC (Hancock Economic Development Council), has helped tremendously with this. One of my main goals is working with/on economic development, which also ties into my goal for quality of life. What I’m hearing from citizens is the need for retail businesses. They would like those amenities and conveniences right here in Greenfield. I agree — leading growth while maintaining our hometown feel.

Do you think the city needs to expand more, and if so, where would you propose these annexations be?

The city will expand in the future simply because of growth and need. I envision the fairgrounds and an agricultural economic development area located east; homes continue south; more infill of businesses north; more businesses and homes west; more businesses and living spaces in our downtown.

About the candidate

Name: Judy Swift

Age: 63

Office sought: Mayor of Greenfield

Current occupation: Assistant vice president, business development officer at Greenfield Banking Co.

Political experience: In year four of first term on the Greenfield City Council (at-large representative)

Family: Husband Carl Swift; two children; four grandchildren

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