Rare books, autographed books, cookbooks, general reading books, thousands of postcards, movie posters, magazines and other paper items of interest will be on sale Sunday at the Beech Grove High School gym at 5330 Hornet Ave., Indianapolis. Admission is $3 per person. Call 317-786-1447 for more information.

INDIANAPOLIS — Join film historian Eric Grayson at 7 p.m. Saturday as he presents “You’re Telling Me,” as February’s vintage film for the second of a three-part W.C. Fields Comedy Marathon.

Sam Bisbee is an inventor whose gadgets have only brought him poverty and disappointment. Events seem to conspire against Bisbee, but an encounter with a princess on a train could change everything. It’s $5 at the door at Garfield Park Arts Center, 2432 Conservatory Drive in Indianapolis. More information: 317-327-7135.