Reader: Don’t stereotype the homeless

To the editor:

I think everyone has an idea or vision of what homelessness is or what it looks like. Or what the individual looks like. The thing is, they have an idea, but do we really know for sure or do we just assume? Do we look from the outside, not really knowing from the inside? What is homelessness, really? Who is homeless?

What people see on the outside is what they usually assume a homeless individual is all about. You might think they’re a bum, they don’t have a job, they’re a drug addict, a criminal, a threat to society. The list can go on.

The truth is that they are human beings who had a struggle in their lives, people just like you and me with uncontrollable situations.

A person who may not have any support in her life or no family makes it hard to fall back on anything else.

A single parent with children and no support who is only trying the best they can to do it all on their own but just needs a little help because of such a struggle.

An individual who maybe struggles with life and just needs support and help from the outside because it is not found elsewhere.

An individual or family who just needs to get back on their feet and start over.

Individuals who need the chance to rebuild their lives because we all know that anybody, no matter the situation, can rise above all the odds that are against them and come out extraordinary individuals.

They have a story that needs to be told. Do we all?

Amanda Bennett Turner