CHARLOTTESVILLE — It was a showcase of all-things science at Eastern Hancock recently with the corporation’s district-wide science fair.

Teacher Cathleen Huffman said the school has been hosting science fairs for several years and more and more students sign up every time.

“We want the kids to learn science is in everything we do,” Huffman said. “This is actually our eighth year, and the students are always excited to participate.”

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Kalyn Edwards, 11, said she participates for a number of reasons, including her love of science classes.

“I like science for a million different reasons, so I always have a good time at the science fair,” she said.

This year, Kalyn worked with magnets to see if a magnetic field would have any effect on plant growth. She said that after three weeks of testing, no effects were found.

Other students said it was more than their love for science that got them involved in the fair.

“Did you know that you can earn scholarships?” Lainie Lawrence, 11, said. “Those are like college coupons.”

Lawrence tested the fat content in pre-packaged meats sold at grocery stores. She said activities like this help her learn more in school.

“I like to learn science and expand my horizons,” Lawrence said. “I’ll probably do this (the science fair) until I’m out of school.”

Dawson Denny, 7, said he also loved science and hoped he would take home first place for his balloon-powered car.

“It was fun, but a lot of hard work,” Denny said. “It took a long time to finish the model car. I got to stay up past my bedtime to finish it.”

Dana Allen, a fifth-grade teacher at Eastern Hancock Elementary, said she likes to see students get excited about applying scientific thinking to projects.

“That’s the goal, to get them thinking about science,” Allen said. “We like to see the students get so excited about their projects.”

This year, 104 projects were submitted school-wide. First-place winners will make their way to a regional competition to be conducted this March.